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The exciting and lucrative world of IDO Launchpads

Let’s face it, the trick with crypto is being early. Predicting trends early, discovering promising projects early and, most crucially, investing early. As the blockchain space continues on its inevitable path towards institutional and mass adoption, launchpad IDOs have been enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity among early-bird crypto investors who want to get in on the ground floor of promising projects. The projects that may otherwise be quickly snapped up by Venture Capital firms. IDO launchpads allow anyone who believes in a blockchain project to contribute funds to it and to obtain tokens at pre-market prices.

Of course, it’s not just about picking the right IDO to contribute to. Selecting the right launchpad is just as critical not only for the contributors but for the startup projects as well. Factors such as platform security and liquidity are just as important as platform stability and usability.

Let’s take a look at four new, possibly trail-blazing Launchpads giving off some strong game-changer vibes.

KSM Starter – the feature-rich launchpad

As the primary launchpad on Kusama, KSM Starter is so much more than just a launchpad. In their own words: “KSM Starter leverages democratic participation, superior technology and expert guidance of those involved in the ecosystem to fund, launch and scale up the promising projects of tomorrow.”

Indeed, KSM Starter features a completely decentralized IDO selection governed by a DAO of $KST token holders who can become de facto early supporters of a project by voting in favour of its IDO and receiving allocation incentives. All it takes is a 60% majority vote for an IDO application to become available to the public. In addition to holding $KST, IDO participants are incentivized with higher allocation win rate by holding any of the previous IDO tokens. This creates an ecosystem of IDO projects that can benefit from others’ success, rather than compete with each other.

On most other launchpads after IDO projects raise their funds they usually receive no further support and do not maintain communication. However, KSM Starter’s fair and transparent IDO selection not only enables the community to get more involved, but also includes the provision of further technical support for post-IDO projects and incentivizes users to hold their token.

And finally, there is what many seasoned early-bird investors would probably consider KSM Starter’s killer feature – the highly convenient Auto-invest system. It enables launchpad users to stake their USDC or USDT in order to automatically participate in upcoming IDOs until their staked amount runs out. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “make money while you sleep”, doesn’t it?

Intersola – the data-driven launchpad

Intersola’s mission is to connect early-stage contributors with Solana-based project owners and to provide comprehensive tools to help build a winning portfolio. Solana is an unexpectedly fast-growing ecosystem, loaded with potential to become an ETH-killer. However, this isn’t the only factor that makes the Intersola launchpad so special.

Intersola is determined to avoid some of the pitfalls of other competing blockchain ecosystems where there is often little due diligence and too much focus on quick forks that result in poor quality control (and even *gasp* the occasional rug-pull). Intersola is here to set a new standard for quality launchpads on Solana. Fairness, transparency, low tolerance for scam projects and a high-level of due diligence have already become Intersola’s trademarks in the IDO space. Trust is the keyword at the Intersola office and an essential ingredient in engaging the strong community of Solana early-adopters that are not in it for the quick flip, but are interested in building a long-term portfolio of high-quality winning projects.

Fortunately, those are exactly the kind of projects Intersola is attracting thanks to its Insights platform, a comprehensive Solana charting and monitoring system that will give contributors the ability to:

·         Search and find trending and “hot” trading pairs with ease

·         Track price action in real time and get real-time alerts via Telegram

·         Analyze and identify trends and patterns thanks to whale-watcher tools and more

·         Outperform market participants who are trading ‘blind’ without Solana trading tools

Intersola’s own IDO date has been set at August 3rd, 12:00pm UTC. 

Kwikstarter – the cross-chain launchpad

Currently operating on Polygon and very soon on Reef Chain and then Plasm, Kwikstarter is a unique IDO launchpad that is tied to a multi cross-chain DEX. This will be welcomed by startup projects launching on the platform as it not only gives them the chance to get listed and not be treated just like another number, but also provides listed projects with a higher chance at flourishing on the blockchain of their choice (from the same platform they initially got launched from). The Kwikstarter team is standing by to provide assistance in the nurturing stages of every project’s listing and to offer continued support all the way through to the market creation stage on Kwikswap. Vabble and Polkasocial are the first projects to launch on Kwikstarter.

The project onboarding workflow will be automated in future iterations to allow for $KWIK token holders to play an important role in recommending the right projects to launch on the Kwikstarter Launchpad. This is a unique feature that sets Kwikstarter apart from other launchpads. Newly listed tokens on Kwikswap DEX that get launched from Kwikstarter will, thankfully, not show a warning and will also feature their original token logo from the token generation event.

Kwikstarter also features staking and has a 12% APY staking reward paid out monthly, which is good. It gets even better – a percentage of the launch fee for any new project actually gets returned to the KwikSwap stakers in the form of that project’s tokens. This is yet another unique feature across the whole IDO launchpad space.

Did we also mention the platform’s uniquely edgy Neo-Tokyo styled interface? Now you get to build your winning long-term portfolio while feeling like a protagonist in a Neal Stephenson cyberpunk novel. How cool is that!

TrustFi Network – the DeFi launchpad

Positioned as DeFi market BaaS solutions provider and not just a simple IDO launchpad, TrustFi focuses on early crypto assets issuance, liquidity management, community activities and DAO governance to unlock the true potential of DeFi. The TrustFi launchpad raises funds at a fixed swap rate for their native token. Beyond just providing a simple IDO financing channel for early-stage projects, TrustFi has also created the S-IDO (Self-IDO) model, which fully unlocks the potential of the community.

As market volatility increases, only projects with a good community foundation can truly resist the liquidity crisis. Based on community governance, the S-IDO model will help launchpads in the market to screen for a truly good user base, and at the same time link early-stage investors to matched launchpads, improving the crowdfunding efficiency. $TFI token holders already know that this is how truly high-quality projects get discovered early.

TrustFi wants to partner and work with more excellent launchpads to help such high-quality, early-stage projects. TrustFi already brings the goods – the complete set of product portfolios developed by TrustFi includes: IDO General Protocol (named TrustFi Alpha), Decentralized Staking Contract (named TrustFi Beta) and the Providing Liquidity Mining (PLM) model, which is a much-needed addition to the DeFi infrastructure built on Web 3.0.

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