Privi Pioneers a New Creator Economy

The lack of transparency in social media has left a sea of deserving artists and creators from all walks of life without their fair share of pay. But what if those days are coming to an end? Thanks to Privi, they soon could be. Privi is a transparent, fully decentralized social finance network that pays its content creators 100% of what they earn.

Yes, really.

Show me the money

If the thought of creating and selling digital art on a community-based blockchain platform is unfamiliar territory, join the club. The digitization of art is moving at break-neck speed. The truth is, you don’t need to know how the engine works, it just needs to get you there. Think of Privi as the vehicle, and you in the driver’s seat.

Listen, all the cool kids are doing it. Just take a look at NFTs (non fungible tokens) as the prime example. By now, we have all heard the hype about Grimes selling her NFT art collection for $6 million. Or Kings of Leon, who brought in a generous $2 million from their NFT album release, “When You See Yourself.” Banksy is on the hype, too. Everyone from the NBA to Snoop Dogg, from Mark Cuban to Tom Brady, are all riding the NFT train.

Day in, day out, anyone with a creative edge is listing their digital work online. This creates new streams of revenue that otherwise might not have been possible. It’s no wonder that the hottest trend for creators right now is minting and selling unique tokens. Most of them know absolutely nothing about blockchain.

That’s where Privi appeals to content creators the most. Their platform is simple and you don’t need to be tech-savvy whatsoever to use it. You simply sign up, create and sell. Most importantly, you keep 100% of your own revenue.

A primer on Privi’s philosophy

Without getting too technical, it’s nice to know a little about how hard Privi works behind-the-scenes for its creators. Privi’s focus lies on changing the broken social network system that is the norm today. By leveraging blockchain, Privi’s network is as far away from being centrally-controlled as possible.

The Privi network comes with the same features we normally use with the apps we are already used to. However, Privi’s goal is refreshingly community-oriented: give back to those who deserve it, not the platform.

“ Privi meshes social networks with a user-owned stock market…allowing anyone to create and trade tokens that represent media, individuals, brands and communities. Anyone can join a community. ” —

Put simply, this means that the community users maintain full control over the Privi network without a third party in control. And when there is no third party controlling the network, that means you, the creator, get all the income generated from your content, every single dime. Let’s face it, you deserve it.

What does Privi offer upon signup?

Welcome to a world of new opportunities! Once Privi goes live, it will be the first robust platform of its kind with actual utility at launch. There has never been a more exciting time to create, inspire or do a little of both. Here’s a look at the platform’s exciting options:

  • Creating your own customizable network
  • Live streaming of all media by the second
  • Monetizing your creative content directly within the platform
  • Setting up subscriptions
  • Creating your own NFTs
  • Receiving community funding for your next project
  • Creating social tokens for fans to buy or invest in. As your project takes flight, so does your token. Build savings and convert funds easily into your local currency
  • Don’t wait for payments, cash out instantly as your revenue comes in
  • Keep 100% of your own earnings

For The People By The People

Privi has anchored itself behind the axiom of community spirit. In doing so, it offers users three separate packages based on what you need. The first is the Privi Community Suite, where you can mint and distribute tokens. The second package is Privi Pods, where users can create and trade digital and physical NFTs. Last but not least is the DeFi Toolkit, which is your crypto wallet along with crypto indexes and other trading tools.

They have pretty much taken care of everything.

To learn more about Privi and its upcoming launch visit:

Privi is on Twitter:

And Telegram:

The Privi Executive Team:

Zach Badger & Julian Voll Co-CEOs, Co-Founders

Angel Jose Satorres CTO, Co-Founder

Stephanie Lyon CMO, Co-Founder

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