SpaceCap is proud to announce our partnership with SEOR Network

SEOR is a general data protocol platform that provides unified off-chain data for different blockchain systems. Through
a decentralized unified protocol and on-chain governance, it provides accurate data for various DeFi applications with
different architectures, different technologies, and main chain projects.

The technical feature of SEOR is that it adopts a hierarchical and modular microservice architecture to split the oracle
network into a multi-layer three-dimensional network. Through light-weight blockchain, pre-micro oracle, trusted data
repository, decentralized on-chain governance and other technologies, to support of Oracle data, and realize the
efficient data collection and access, flexible and convenient Scalability, and cut down the costs.

Seal-Oracle empowers users and enable their projects with advanced blockchain and smart contract technologies.
Seal-Oracle provides a modular and flexible blockchain technology platform that enables developers, entrepreneurs,
enterprises, and individuals to quickly adopt and realize blockchain and smart contract technologies. Together these
communities will help form a new era in blockchain and a new economic ecosystem.

The Seal-Oracle ecosystem has been designed to be modular, versatile, and cross-platform. To achieve this, the
Seal-Oracle platform provides a unique and versatile Layer 2 technical framework. This framework enables members
of the Seal-Oracle ecosystem the flexibility to achieve their design goals and benefit from its versatility. Entrepreneurs
can rely on Seal-Oracle to provide affordable and low-cost solutions that help small businesses and startups integrate
blockchain technologies and innovative smart contracts into their projects.

Cross-Chain interoperability of Smart Contracts through our “cross-chain contract gateway” is one of the most powerful benefits of the Seal-Oracle platform; it enables entrepreneurs, individuals, and enterprises to access and leverage the opportunities from multiple chains. We simplify the arduous and costly bridging process, eliminate the need for redundant Smart Contracts on multiple chains, and enable multi-linked data and asset exchange. Our “cross-chain contract gateway” enables businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of new product features, multi-chain access, and advanced blockchain technologies without the need for a middleman.

In addition, projects that have previously built Smart Contracts outside of the Seal-Oracle ecosystem can easily
demonstrate their Smart Contract functionality and data using our “cross-chain contract gateway.“
The Seal-Oracle platform enables entrepreneurs and investors to rapidly develop and seize new market opportunities
in the rapidly growing and evolving blockchain era. This White Paper will discuss our unique technical framework, how
to launch new products/projects, and other advanced features of our platform.


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