Kwikswap to Launch TGE Event for Eager Traders

Kwikswap, one of the most desirable and promising Layer 2 protocols to enter DeFi, is launching its TGE event tomorrow, May 27th. Tokens can be claimed directly via the Kwikswap dashboard.

Kwikswap is on the fast track to solving the scaleability concerns that currently exist in the major cryptocurrency networks. It promises to not only speed up transaction times with its dazzlingly fast Layer 2 protocol but also drastically reduce gas fees in the process.

As things currently stand, Bitcoin and Ethereum are simply not capable of processing thousands of transactions per second (TPS.) There is a need for a much better solution for DEX traders across the board, and this is what Kwikswap is actively working towards.

In DeFi, Kwik always wins

Kwikswap is a fully decentralized protocol that runs on Ethereum, allowing users to swap tokens, partake in staking, add liquidity, and create markets. It is also the first multi-chain DEX to build on both Plasm and Reef Chain. The benefits of partnering with Reef Chain bring key integrations like Avalanche and Kusama to Kwikswap users.

Kwikswap is also in the works with Acala Network and Polkadotas it aims to become the first DEX-implemented Layer 2 protocol within the Polkadot parachain. Notably, the team has been busy racking up more exciting accomplishments, for example, the Kwikstarter Incubator and IDO Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain (BSC.) The Binance Kwikswap interface is also live.

More than just a lightning-fast L2 protocol, Kwikswap allows developers to build dApps and source code, which will ultimately help extend the reach of the protocol, create token markets, and integrate non-custodial wallet connections. Users are in full control of their funds at all times, in the spirit of full decentralization.

To understand the Kwikswap philosophy means to be determined that there is no other alternative than removing the middle man (aka central authority) from your finances.

Some $KWIK Tokenomics

The $KWIK token can be used in place of ETH for payment of fees on the Kwikswap network, which offers additional savings. $KWIK is a utility token that lets users schedule any amount of Ethereum or Ethereum-based assets to be placed into a locking period via smart contract and then released at one time or in accordance with a recurring schedule.

$KWIK will feature front stage and purpose staking rewards, governance, liquidity, and main swapping pairs on the KwikSwap Protocol.

There will be a total of 250,000,000 $KWIK Tokens minted, with 150,000,000 available for the token sale. 100,000,000 Tokens will remain for staking rewards, development, and allocated distributions.

Benefits of holding $KWIK Token:

  • STAKING: 12% API when held in users’ dashboard
  • 50% off fees
  • Fee distribution (back into the ecosystem)
  • GOVERNANCE — right for users to make decisions about the protocol.

For a detailed look at the TGE vesting period, click here.

Benefits that stand out

Kwikswap is built for traders who want to save valuable time and money, without giving up the traditional DEX platform experience. Users can stake assets and earn passive income in the process. Additionally, new users will find the DEX liquidity pool very easy to use as it has a very straightforward interface.

Additionally, Kwikswap’s array of tools and functions keeps growing. It currently features their App, Analytics, Token Lists, and ChainSol (the upcoming on-chain governance.) The Token List feature is a standard Ethereum token list: Kwikswap, Aave, Agora, Messari, Uniswap, and more.

There is also a built-in Oracle and of course access to the Kwikswap worldwide community.

Follow Kwikswap on Twitter as they will be announcing a partnership with a top NFT marketplace in the near future. Hint: Personalized Kwikswap NFTs…

The KWIK Team:

Adam Sharp
Co-Founder & Head of Marketing
James Lee
Founder & Project Manager
Mirza Usman
CTO, Lead DApp Developer
Albert Kim
Community & Social
Founding Partner in China

To learn more about Kwikswap and stay up to date on TGE details, please visit:




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