Cryptonovae: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

One of the biggest roadblocks to mainstream adoption of crypto trading lies in its complicated ecosystem. Cryptonovae has devised a user-friendly platform to enable a much more attractive trading experience. By simplifying the process, Cryptonovae opens the door to anyone who is curious about crypto, and ready to get in the game.

Ever since the DeFi market has started dominating the crypto scene, investors have been baffled. That’s not the ideal scenario, especially for the FinTech industry. Cryptonovae is entering DeFi at a time when traders and investors are increasingly interested in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, just as the market is rallying, the startup has developed a user-friendly trading platform that appeals to both beginner and professional traders and investors.

A story within a story

To understand how Cryptonovae was born, it’s imperative to know its back-story. In 2015, Mathieu Sicsic (CEO/Co-Founder, Cryptonovae) felt a natural urge to enter the crypto trading market after having spent several years in the CeFi (centralized-finance) realm. As is so often the case for new or transitional traders, navigating the crypto exchange platforms can be frustrating and off-putting. However, one just needs to take into account, for example, the aggregated open interest in bitcoin futures. Currently, this sits at an all-time high of $6.9 billion, leaving traders across the world on high alert and filled with scrutiny.

Appreciating the opportunity that crypto offers, Sicsic wanted to trade but found it difficult due to the lack of resources available within the crypto ecosystem. Since necessity is the mother of invention, he decided to develop software to help him with his own crypto trading needs. In doing so, he realized that mainstream demand for an optimal crypto trading platform is imperative.

Additionally, Sicsic hopes to attract more CeFi traders and more crypto traders in general, by solving the major crypto trading issues:

“We have to look at the industry and products the way a beginner would look at them. It’s enough of a problem to have these (groups of) people turn away because it’s not intuitive. We make the experience intuitive.”

What is Cryptonovae?

Built as a software solution with modular features, Cryptonovae is designed to tackle the needs of crypto and traditional retail traders on the digital assets markets. But most notably it is the solution to finally trade cryptocurrencies efficiently. (source:

In short, it is the middle-man between traders and exchanges that serves two main purposes:

  1. To simplify traders’ experiences
  2. To make a uniform experience between all exchanges

Catering to a broad spectrum of users, Cryptonovae appeals to everyone. Whether you are just entering the crypto market or you are a seasoned trader, the platform has easy tools for every user ranging from basic to highly advanced functions. Furthermore, the platform operates for both DeFi and CeFi trading.

Technical aspects of the Cryptonovae platform

So far, Cryptonovae stands out from market competitors because of its highly-customizable work tools that prove to be highly valuable to traders.

Some of its highlights and features include:

  • Custom indicators and timeframes, allowing users to set their own time-frame for unique trading strategies.
  • Indicators and drawings, to create a multidimensional overview
  • Multi timeframes, to aid in watching trends
  • Trade manager, to reduce risks that often accompany manual trading
  • Multi-screens, to allow for simultaneous chart monitoring
  • Software client solution, which organizes tabs into one cohesive browser window
  • One-click P&L Stop Losses, allowing for better use of time
  • Intuitive trading with Take Profits and Stop Losses
  • Automated trading support
  • Indicators
  • 2FA protection
  • API secret key to manage individual security. This is only encrypted/stored on your own device.

$YAE Token

The $YAE Token is based on Cryptonovae’s core principle of rewarding and incentivizing its loyal community. By being functional as well as revolutionizing crypto trading, the $YAE token has been designed to emit the basic principles of Cryptonovae’s spirit.

$YAE is an ERC-20 compatible utility token, powered by an Ethereum smart contract. Tokens can be used as payment while interacting with the Cryptonovae platform; consisting of the software itself and the marketplace (where users can bid on or offer trading-related developer gigs.) Cryptonovae will engage users with staking, burning, contests, token repurchasing and loyalty programs. This is just a taste of what $YAE offers, with its total supply at 100,000,000, initial market cap of $797.388 and fully diluted valuation of $8,000,000.

The public round ICO has yet to be announced, but is expected very soon.

Cryptonovae’s team is: Mathieu Sicsic CEO, Jean Dussetour CFO, Cyrille Saulnier CTO, Susanne Krone CMO, Baptiste Lac Token Architect, Lorenzo Li Community Manager, Steve N. Lauritsen Advisor, Xavier Fenaux Advisor.

For more information on Cryptonovae and $Yae Token visit:

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