Web3 is coming. Are you ready?

By: George Koynov Web3 is the next iteration of the internet. It’s going to be a much more intuitive, immersive and liberating place to log into. You won’t need to keep track of all your different social media and other platform accounts anymore. Your online identity will be encoded on the blockchain and used for […]

Digital fashion in the metaverse and beyond

By: George Koynov The moment Facebook renamed itself Meta, the concept of the metaverse suddenly entrenched itself as the Internet’s next iteration. The metaverse – one shared virtual reality where everyone can join and take control of their unique avatar. People will be hanging out in immersive 3D environments and will be purchasing digital goods […]

A Brief History of Fintech: From PayPal to DeFi and Beyond

By: George Koynov How real innovation always shines through What do we talk about when we talk about fintech? The disruption of the legacy banking systems, the latest tech innovations, the upcoming mass adoption of cryptocurrencies? Sure. But what we really talk about is human needs and desires. Let’s face it, all we want is […]

The exciting and lucrative world of IDO Launchpads

Space Capital IDO Launchpads

Let’s face it, the trick with crypto is being early. Predicting trends early, discovering promising projects early and, most crucially, investing early. As the blockchain space continues on its inevitable path towards institutional and mass adoption, launchpad IDOs have been enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity among early-bird crypto investors who want to get in […]

Kwikswap to Launch TGE Event for Eager Traders

Kwikswap, one of the most desirable and promising Layer 2 protocols to enter DeFi, is launching its TGE event tomorrow, May 27th. Tokens can be claimed directly via the Kwikswap dashboard. Kwikswap is on the fast track to solving the scaleability concerns that currently exist in the major cryptocurrency networks. It promises to not only speed […]

BlockBank: Crypto’s first AI-based digital trading platform

Space Capital is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with BlockBank, an exciting AI-powered mobile banking app, that allows for seamless crypto integration. BlockBank has been hitting the crypto and DeFi scene hard, creating a buzz on nearly every IDO forum. It’s not hard to see why, as the app already has over 25,000 users and […]

Privi Pioneers a New Creator Economy

The lack of transparency in social media has left a sea of deserving artists and creators from all walks of life without their fair share of pay. But what if those days are coming to an end? Thanks to Privi, they soon could be. Privi is a transparent, fully decentralized social finance network that pays its […]

Cryptonovae: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

One of the biggest roadblocks to mainstream adoption of crypto trading lies in its complicated ecosystem. Cryptonovae has devised a user-friendly platform to enable a much more attractive trading experience. By simplifying the process, Cryptonovae opens the door to anyone who is curious about crypto, and ready to get in the game. Ever since the DeFi market […]

How to Identify DeFi Projects That are Most Likely to Succeed

Crypto is unstoppable. Crypto is the future — Charles Hoskinson The above opinion doesn’t just resonate with Charles Hoskinson, many schools of thought are of the opinion that blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the future are intertwined. While cryptocurrency and the entire blockchain is indeed an impressive technology, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) takes this technology a notch […]