We think big.
We disrupt. We learn.

We are Space Capital, a VC firm offering capital, talent and expertise to promising crypto, DeFi and fintech projects. 

We get a little help from our friends

Aussie Capital

Aussie invest in companies and protocols building the next wave of innovations in the digital space with product-market fit and real use cases. Their focus is on building trust with founders that exhibit clear visions for the future and providing any necessary support to help them flourish.

Avalon Wealth Club

Avalon Wealth Club is a dynamic group of marketing experts, blockchain veterans, real estate investors and event organizers. Our private fund invests in the most innovative and promising projects in the crypto ecosystem.


Pennfords’ is a specialised corporate law consultancy providing tailor-made services according to the requirements of our clients. We understand that corporate, legally and financially planning for the future may be ambiguous and we are adamant to shed light on your best options.

Our growing portfolio of
investment partners

Are you a ground-breaking entrepreneur? Partner with us and rest assured we will never give you up, let you down, run a round of investments with your direct competitor or, indeed, desert you.

We are always on the lookout for the competitively ambitious and the ambitiously adventurous within the Blockchain ecosystem. We value long-term investments, world-changing tech and products for the people. Lately, we’ve been focusing on unique projects in the areas of DeFi, layer-1 chains, protocols, DEXs, social media platforms, real-world applications, creators economy.

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